Food in the eastern part of India is believed to be one of the oldest cuisines in the country. The food ecosystem of this region, which primarily consists of the states of Bihar, Bengal, Odisha and parts of Andhra Pradesh, is an interesting mix of regional cuisine and international influences. Interestingly, the Indian version of Chinese food that is relished in every nook and corner of the country, was developed in the Tangra area of erstwhile Calcutta. 

The eastern part of India is known as much for its temple cuisine as for its coastal food. Its beauty lies in its concept of steaming, smoking, stir-frying and fermenting. In fact, if one ever wants to try versions of the  famous British mashed potatoes, this is the part of the country they should visit. Aloo bhatey or aloo chokha, as it is called, is an omnipresent part of the cuisine here and is paired with almost every delicacy: be it pokhalo or panta bhaat (fermented and spiced rice), litti (sattu-filled hardened donuts) or even dal bhaat (rice with lentils). It is also the region that popularised pithas (pancakes made of rice batter) and chenna- (ricotta-cheese) based sweets like rosogolla.