Located on the Ajmer Road, this small village, located35 km from Jaipur, is known for the traditional Bagru prints.  

Bagru is a classic wooden block printing style, in which the blocks are engraved with the design which is replicated on the fabric. This craft is praised not only for its technique but also its ecological consciousness by using traditional dyes. The print patterns of Bagru are known as 'ajrakh' and the origin of this art can be traced back to 300 years. There is a specific area in the village that is a hub of Bagru printers and a walk through this area will give visitors a view of almost three dozen families who are engaged in this art form. The process is entrancing as the craftsman first wipes the cloth with fuller's earth (multani mitti) and then dips the cloth in turmeric water to give it the customary cream colour. After this, various patterns are embossed on the fabric using natural dyes. The dyes of blue get their colour from indigo, the red ones from madder root and green is obtained from indigo mixed with pomegranate juice. The yellow hues are taken from turmeric.