Bengal Natural History Museum, displaying one of the finest collections of natural artefacts and fossils, was incorporated into the West Bengal Zoo Authority in 2015 to allow for better upkeep and maintenance.

Today, it boasts a huge collection of skins, bones, antlers and other anatomical parts of a number of species of birds, mammals, insects, fish and reptiles. The museum also houses some real birds and animals, housed in a simulated natural environment.

You will find such beauties as the Himalayan brown wood owl, northern spotted owlet, northern brown fish owl, pheasants, fly catchers, myna, night jar, thrush, warbler, flycatcher, kingfisher, snipe, woodpecker, swift, niltava, water bird, barbet, hornbill, cuckoo, and even some large birds of prey housed here.

There are as many as 820 specimen of birds that belong to more than 400 species along with 110 species of eggs, 35 species of snakes and 57 species of fish. The museum also houses a Botanical Garden for displaying butterflies and birds of the area.

The museum is especially popular with students and academicians, who flock to it on the weekends for a few hours of enjoyable visual learning.

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