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Ministry of Tourism to give Rs. 600 Crore for Tourism Development Activities in Bihar

Jain, Ramayana and Mahatma Gandhi Circuits among those to be developed; Rs 50 Crore allocated for Patna Sahib

As a part of the package of Rs.1.25 lakh Crore announced by Hon’ble Prime Minister on 18th August, 2015 for Bihar, Ministry of Tourism pledges Rs 600 Crore for various tourism development activities in the State of Bihar

Keeping in view the vast tourism potential of the State of Bihar, the Ministry of Tourism decides to consider seven tourism circuits, namely, Vaishali and Bodhgaya development along with other places in Buddhist Circuit including Vikramshila (Rs 200 Crore); Sultanganj to Deoghar project (Rs 50 Crore); Patna Sahib (Rs 50 Crore); Mahatma Gandhi Circuit (Rs 50 Crore); Ramayana Circuit (Rs 100 Crore); Jain Circuit including Champapuri & Pawapuri (Rs 50 Crore); Circuit for Mandar Hills and Ang Kshetra (Rs 50 Crore).

Their development would be carried out through appropriate circuits/cities identified by the Ministry of Tourism under plan schemes of Swadesh Darshan and PRASAD.

In addition to above, based on the findings of the study conducted by the Ministry to assess the potential of Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management (IITTM) Chapter in Bihar, Ministry of Tourism announces in-principle approval of a Centre of IITTM in Bihar with budgetary provision of Rs 50 Crore.



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