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Inflow of Tourists

The Working Group on Tourism for 12th Five Year Plan, set up by the Planning Commission, has recommended to increase India’s share of International Tourist arrivals to at least 1 % by end of 12th Plan from the level of 0.61% in 2010.

For undertaking various activities relating to the development and promotion of tourism, the Working Group has also recommended total outlay of Rs.22800 Crore for tourism sector during 12th Plan.

Development and promotion of tourism, including providing latest facilities to tourists, are primarily the responsibility of the State Government/Union Territory (UT) Administrations. However, Ministry of Tourism provides central financial assistance for the development of tourism infrastructure on the basis of proposals received from them which are complete in all respects as per the Scheme Guidelines, inter-se priority and subject to availability of funds.

To increase the tourist inflow, the Ministry of Tourism, as part of its on-going activities, releases print, electronic, online and outdoor media campaigns in the international and domestic markets, under the Incredible India brand-line, to promote various tourism destinations and products of the country. In addition, a series of promotional activities are undertaken in important and potential tourist generating markets overseas through the Indiatourism Offices abroad with the objective of showcasing India’s tourism potential. These promotional activities include participation in travel fairs and exhibitions; organising road shows, Know India seminars & workshops; organizing and supporting Indian food and cultural festivals; publication of brochures; offering joint advertising and brochure support and inviting media personalities, tour operators and opinion makers to visit the country under the Hospitality Programme of the Ministry.

The Ministry of Tourism also provides financial assistance to stakeholders for promotion of tourism in the international and domestic markets under the Marketing Development Assistance (MDA) Scheme.


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