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Fast Fact

Summer: 25-12 C
Winter: 14.5 -2C

Best Season :
April to Mid-July and Sep. to Nov

Clothing :
Summer- Light Woollens,
Winter- heavy woollens

Languages spoken :
Pahari (Local Dialect), Hindi, English.

STD Code:

Tourist Office:

Located at a height of 1,926 meters on the northern end of the Kullu Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Manali has been holding a magical allure for tourists with its incredible landscape abundant greenery and exquisite scenery. Travel to Manali evokes many images... fairy-tale snow-capped mountain vistas, flower-covered meadows, glaciers, winding rivers, temples and Buddhist monasteries.

Enjoying the snowfall on the mighty Rohtang Pass will be an unforgettable affair. The vast expanse of varied and awe inspiring landscapes offer some of the most exciting sporting pursuits. They range from skiing and snow-boarding to hiking, paragliding, rock climbing, canoeing, and mountain biking and white water-rafting. But the less active tourist need not despair-thanks to the natural hot springs there.
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