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Kingdom of Dreams(17 km)
Fast emerging as a popular excursion from Delhi, Kingdom of Dreams is India’s first live entertainment and leisure destination point. Located in Sector 29 of Gurgaon, this fantasy themed region is spread across 6 acres and run by Great India Nautanki Company, a Joint venture between Wizcraft and Apra group. The Kingdom of Dreams is an unparalleled entertainment in the form of musicals, dramas, themed scenarios, India’s art, and crafts and much more, all with state-of-the-art technologies. You can have a wide array of authentic cuisines here ( .

Surajkund (15 km)
Located in the Faridabad district of Haryana on the Delhi - Agra national highway, the peaceful lakeside site of Surajkund has a large Amphitheatre Sunpool. The picturesque lake offers boating and angling facilities. The place is also the venue for India’s largest craft fair known as the Surajkund Crafts Mela held from 1st to 15th February every year. Since its inception in 1981, this annual event has grown into a major tourist attraction in India.
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Faridabad (30 km)
Sharing its border with Delhi, Faridabad is an industrial hub of India. Founded in 1607 AD by the famous Sufi Saint Sheikh Farid, Popularly known as, Baba Farid, Baba Farid's tomb and Raja Nahar Singh Palace are famous attractions of the city.

Badkhal Lake (32 km)
Located in Faridabad district of Haryana, Badkhal is a beautiful lake fringed by the low-lying Aravalli Hills. You can enjoy boating & angling here.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary (46 km)

A haven for avian population consisting of both resident and migratory birds, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is visited by large number of birdwatchers. Located in the state of Haryana, this park is a great place for the tourists to unwind with nature by their side.

Sohna (56 km)
In close proximity to Damdama Lake is situated the picturesque spot of Sohna nestled in the Aravalli hills. The place is famous for its hot water springs and an ancient shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Meerut (65 km)

Meerut, a commercial centre and town in Uttar Pradesh, once formed part of part of Hastinapur Empire of Kaurvas of the Mahabharata fame.

Dabchick (92 km)

The place is a well known tourist spot.

Panipat (94 km)
Panipat is the venue of three great battles that changed the course of Indian history. Panipat Museum, grave of Ibrahim Lodhi, Kabuli Bagh, Devi Temple, Salar Gunj Gate and tomb of Bu-Ali Shah Kalandar are places of attractions in this city.

Kurukshetra (154 km)
It is the land of holy legends. It is a pilgrim town where Brahma was born, where King Kuru performed the supreme sacrifice and where the epic battle of Mahabharata was fought.

Bharatpur (182 km)
Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, also known as Keoladeo National Park or Keoladeo Ghana National Park, is a great holiday spot, away from the pressures of city life. Located in the royal state of Rajasthan, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is one of the oldest wildlife reserves in India and was once the hunting ground of the rulers of the princely state of Bharatpur. Siberian Cranes is the signature bird of this sanctuary. Other important and most commonly spotted birds here are the grey jungle fowl, red spur fowl etc. Ducks, herons, teals, waders hawk eagle, cormorants, serpent eagle, the yellow-legged green pigeon, the collared scops owl, parakeets, woodpeckers and barbets, drongos, hornbills, scarlet minivets, and diverse warblers.

The OM Shanti Retreat Centre (ORC) is a unique facility that provides higher education in the art of living, training in Rajyoga meditation, and resources of lifelong learning and is run by the ‘Brahma Kumaris’.
The 28-acre complex is situated in peaceful, sylvan surroundings, 70 kilometers from the hustle and bustle of the national capital, New Delhi, in Gurgaon district of Haryana . It is an ideal location for both domestic and international tourist seeking to understand the universal spiritual principles and learn a range of skills through its education programme, courses and learning resources. The courses, seminars and lectures conducted at ORC aim at achieving excellence through holistic personality development.
ORC is a recognized Regional Resource Centre of the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development for education in human values.
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ORC is equipped with ultra-modern facilities for learning. Several departments are in place for its smooth functioning. All learning is run “ Free of charge”

The Centre of Excellence for higher Learning comprises seven well-equipped, 150- seat seminar/training halls, two board rooms, a 400-seat mini auditorium, meditation halls, an audio-visual room and a well-stocked library.

A state-of-the-art auditorium with a seating capacity of 2,300 and facilities for translation in 12 languages is the crown jewel of the ORC campus.

Clean and comfortable accommodation is available for 100 guests/trainees.
Vegetarian food prepared by Rajyogis is served at the ten dining halls that can together cater to 1,500 diners. Meals are provided only to those participating in programmes at ORC. Other visitors need to make a prior request to avail of the dining services.

Wi-fi is available in the training centre block. A communications centre has facilities for long-distance phone calls, email and photocopying.

The Happy Health Centre, with a resident medical officer and a homeopathic doctor, provides 24-hour service. Special clinics for dentistry, physiotherapy, acupressure etc. are held occasionally. An ambulance is on standby for use in emergency situations.

A 200KW solar power plant at ORC is the largest of its kind in India and has been partly sponsored by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India. A fine example of environment-friendly power generation, the plant draws students, engineers and scientists from academia as well as industry who visit ORC to see it.

The spiritual art gallery, themed ‘From Darkness to Light’, has life-size models and paintings depicting ancient Indian culture and explaining the various spiritual principles governing our life. the models of various Indian deities and scenes of paradise, skilfully created by artists from Orissa and West Bengal, provide a very pleasant experience.

Some of the courses offered at ORC are mentioned below. The course content and duration can vary according to the requirements of the participants.

  1. Rajyoga meditation
  2. Stress-free living
  3. Self-development leadership
  4. Time and task management
  5. Building interpersonal relationships
  6. Life management skills
  7. Overcoming anger
  8. Overcoming ego
  9. Conflict resolution

The Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya is a non-governmental organization with its headquarters in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Founded in 1937, it now has 8,500 centres in more than 135 countries.
The institution offers people of all backgrounds an opportunity to deepen their understanding of universal spiritual principles and learn a range of skills through its education programme, courses and learning resources.
The institution is independent of any political or religious affiliation and there are no fees for its services. It is administered and supported financially by the voluntary contributions those benefit of its services.

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