Ghats of Varanasi


The  great  well constructed  river  banks  are called  Ghats.  On  these ghats, are  located  high pavilions, palaces, temples and terraces,  which  add further  charm to  the  beautiful river bank. The  ghats  are  frequented  by the people  which include early morning bathers, priests, people  practicing meditation and yoga, students and  tourists  as  well.  The  eternal crematorium is located  at  Manikarnika Ghat. It is  believed that  the person,  who  is  creamed at this place,   attains  salvation  from the cycle of  birth  and  death.  For centuries, pilgrims have traced the perimeter of the city by a ritual parikrama (circumambulation) paying homage to shrines on the way. Among the most popular routes is the Panchatirthi Yatra, which takes in the Pancha (five) Trithi (crossing) of Assi, Dashashwamedha, Adi Keshva, Panchganga and finally Manikarnika. The devotee, accompanied by a priest, recites a sankalpa (statement of intent) and performs a ritual at each stage of the journey. 
A  very relaxed  way  to see the ghats  and its  life  in  the  morning  and evening  is  by a boat.