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Sights to See

Namakkal (81 km)
There are rock-cut caves and a beautiful Hanuman temple here, which has one of the largest statues of the monkey-god in the country.

Tiruchengodu (74 km)

This is another pilgrim centre which has an ancient temple dedicated to Ardhanareeswar - a unique concept of Shaivism where the deity is half male and half female.

Sankagiri (68 km)
The famous fort of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan of Mysore who fought with the British until Tipu was defeated at Srirangapatnam in 1792.

Salem (33 km)
This is the largest city in the region and has some old temples but is basically known for its industries, mainly steel, sago and hand weaving.

Mettur (94 km)
This multi - purpose dam built on the River Cauvery is a nice picnic spot, situated as it is, amidst well - maintained gardens. Water from the Stanley reservoir is used for irrigating a major portion of the plains of central Tamil Nadu.

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