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Fast Facts

Summer: 34 C
Winter: 11 C


Language spoken:
Tamil and English

STD Code:
altYelagiri Hill, a popular hill station located 1,048.5 m above sea level, is situated amidst four mountains in a serene and scenic ambience; it is well known for its salubrious climate all year around. Getting to Yelagiri hilltop, you will traverse 14 hairpin bends, each of which offers a panoramic, breathtaking view of the hills and their surroundings. The seventh bend is significant, since it offer the view of the slopes of the mountain and the green forests that carpet the hill. Yelagiri is located amidst tribal villages, and the villagers’ customs, habits, and houses are unique. Yelagiri offers many exceptional opportunities for trekking and para-gliding.
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