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Sights to See

Punganur Lake
This artificial lake is located in the centre of the hills and features a 15-ft high fountain in its centre. You can go boating in the Lake while the adjoin park has several recreational facilities for children as a well as a mini zoo. A herbal farm is also located close by.

Telescope House: A telescope has been installed at the entrance of the Ghat road to allow visitors to view the surrounding hills.

Jalagambarai Water Falls: Attaru River passes through the Yelagiri hills and flows down from Jadaiyanur from a height of 30 m. The fall can be reached via Thirupathur or by trekking from Nilavur. A Murugan Temple is located close by

Velavan Temple: A temple dedicated to Lord Muruga is situated on top of the hill from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the hills. A gigantic sculpture of the Gadothgajan in a freestanding posture is erected in front of this temple.

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