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Where to Stay

Udayan Tourist Lodge, Heritage Lodge, Lodge Paradise, Luxury Hotel, Hotel Monalisa.
Tourist Lodge (WBTDC),
Vishnupur, Tel: (03244) 252013.(One
meal compulsory). Rs.550-Rs.600
(Ac/Dbl),Rs.330-Rs.400 (Non-Ac/
Dbl), Rs.80 per bed (Dormitory).
(Dormitory booking on the spot)
Reservation: Manager, Tourist Lodge
orTourist Bureau, 3/2 B.B.D. Bagh Kolkata - 700 001,Tel: 2248-5917/
5168/8271. Fax:2248 8290.
P.W.D. Inspection Bungalow
Reservation: The Executive Engineer,Bankura Division, P.W.D., Bankura.
Rajarshi Guest House,
Vishnupur.Rajdwarbar, Jor Bungalow Mandir, Bankura.
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