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Sights to See

Dalmadal Caman
This 3.8 m long cannon with exquisite engravings is one often major highlights of Vishnupur. The Dalmadal Caman is one of the major attractions in Bishnupur, West Bengal. This3.8 m long cannon with exquisite engravings has a barrel with a diameter of 28.5 cm. In 1742, during the reign of Raja Gopal Singh, Dalmadal Caman was used to repulse the troops of Maratha leader, Bhaskar Pundit. It supposed to have protected Vishnupur when the Bargis (Maratha warriors) attacked from the west.

Ras Mancha Temple
Ras Mancha is, quite simply, one of the most splendid attractions in Vishnupur. With hordes of people visiting this oldest brick temple in India every day, this magnificent red brick building an absolute must see site. The temple stands out as a stepped pyramid standing on an arcaded platform and is only temple of its kind in the country.

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