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Sights to See

Andhra University (4 km)
One of the oldest universities in India, its massive stone building is located in the hilly area of Waltair. It was founded in 1926.

Dolphin's Nose
This symbol of Vizag that entices the visitors is a gigantic rocky headland called Dolphin’s nose. A single, massive 358 metre rock breaks the coastline and again juts into the sea resembling a dolphin. It is a permanent feature of the city’s silhouette!

Ramakrishna Beach
It is Vizag’s favorite evening sojourn. Aquariums, the Kali temple, Visakha Museum, Roadside restaurants offering seafood are the other attractions. One of the must see attractions of Visakhapatnam, this beach is renowned for its natural charm. For those in the habit of enjoying the culinary delights, Ramakrishna Beach, also called RK Beach, is the place to be. Here you will get plenty of seafood restaurants, offering some of the delectable cuisines.

Rishikonda Beach
Rishikonda Beach is high on the list of best attractions of Visakhapatnam with its s massive sand dunes and crystal blue water. Located beside the road from Bhimili, the beach ranks among the finest beaches of the city.

Lawson’s’ Bay
Located on the way to Kailasagiri Hill, Lawson’s Bay, also called Pedawaltair beach, holds a magical allure for travellers for its serenity and tranquility. Unwinding yourself by lying comfortably against the golden sands is a pleasant experience.

Bheemunipatnam Beach
One of the longest beaches in India, Bheemunipatnam Beach is a 25 km stretch of road literally hugging the coastline from Visakhapatnam to Bheemunipatnam. Popularly known as Bhimili, it is a lively beach that has managed to retain its serenity. The beach is widely known for being the base to exploreruins of a Dutch Fort and cemetery.

Kailasagiri Hill is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Vizag. Surrounded by serene beauty all around, the304mt high hill is an ideal retreat far from the madding crowd. From seven vantage points of the hill, one can have a panoramic view of the Visakhapatnam city. The greenery all around is a feast to one’s eyes.

Vuda Park
A retreat for leisure and amusement for the city dwellers, VUDA Park houses a well equipped gymnasium. You can have pleasure rides on horses and camels, skating rink and boating. Musical fountain provides a delightful touch of colour to the park.

Hindustan Shipyard
The nation's biggest shipbuilding yard is located at Gandhinagram. It is a good educational and entertaining visit. Visits are permitted on Tues, Wed and Thurs from 1600 to 1800 hrs.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Gardens
A variety of fauna exists in condition close to their natural habitat at Indira Gandhi Zoological Gardens, spread over 450 acres. Viewing exotic species of birds and animals in natural habitat is a treat for all the nature lovers.

The Port was opened to ocean-going vessels in 1933. Mineral resources like manganese ore are stored and shipped to foreign countries .

The Three Hillocks (5 km)

Formed by cutting a mount in the Eastern Ghats, these represent the three religions. Rose Hill houses a Roman Catholic chapel, Dargakonda, the second hillock, has a mosque and shrine and the third hillock, the Sri Venkateswara Konda, a temple.

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