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Sights to See

Vikramshila University Complex
Vikramshila is one of the most renowned archaeological sites in India, both an important historical centre of Buddhism, and a once major centre of learning where philosophy, grammar, arts, metaphysics, Indian logic were taught. However the university was famous for tantrism.

Excavation at this site was done in 1960-61 and has disclosed different periods of habitation. The natural structures exposed and the antiquities discovered reiterate that the site was the remains of a large monastery. A number of Buddha images of stone and terra cottas have been discovered. Some inscribed seals and stupas have also been found.

King Dharampala who founded the University had generously endowed it with his munificent grants. The University building made provisions for the maintenance of 108 residential professors and also for a number of non-residential professors, pilgrims and other members of the staff. A big Vihara (monastery) was constructed in the university quarters and it was protected by strong walls. In the centre there was a large Buddhist temple, surrounded by 108 smaller temples.

The affairs of the University were entrusted by King Dharampala to one very eminent and learned scholar who was also highly religious. The controlling authority which administered the affairs of the Vikramshila University also looked after Nalanda University.

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