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Virinjipuram (19 km)
This magnificent temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located on the southern bank of the River Palar. Around the basements and the pillars of the temple are a number of well-executed figures that can be seen singly and in lively groups in dramatic settings representing scenes in the social life of the people. There are several inscriptions here both in Grantham and in Tamil. The lion faced Simmakulam tank is considered to be very sacred.

Padavedu (35 km)
This is now a desolate village with two important ancient temples, both of which are interesting places of pilgrimage. One is dedicated to Sri Ramachandraswamy and the other to Goddess Renukambal Amman. The temple of Sri Renukambal Amman is situated in an area of 6.29 acres. There are beautiful carvings depicting the invitation of Parasurama by Sri Renukadevi.

Amirthi Forest (24 km)
South of Vellore is the panoramic Amirthi forest, which is rich in its variety of flora and fauna. Half of this jungle is cleared to serve as a tourist spot while the other half is developed as a wildlife sanctuary. A trek for a km leads one to a full view of seasonal waterfall.

Thiruvallam (22 km)
Located on the western bank of the Nuga River, a tributary of Palar River, it is famous for the ancient Shiva temple dedicated to Sri Vallanadeheeswarar. A note worthy feature of this shrine is that the Nandhi is not facing the Lord, but sits facing east.

The temple is situated in the top of a small hill that can be ascended by a flight of 300 steps. The principlE deity is Lord Subramanya. The temple was built about 1500 years ago. It is said that this is the place where Valli was born and married the Murugan. Most part of the temple looks like a cave on the hill.

Javadu Hills Jamnamaruthur (40 km)
Javadu Hills Jamnamaruthur 40 km from Polur is the main village in Javadu hills it is famous for its sandalwood and fruit bearing trees. It is at an altitude that ranges from 300 to 1000 meters. The Beemanmadavu waterfalls in the thick reserve forest, 12 km from here with is good for trekking. The night stay here is a new experience due to the solitude of these hills.

Mordhana Dam
It is a picnic spot where the dam is constructed between two hills which are dotted with bowers and greenery.

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