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Sarnath (10 km)
The well-known Buddhist site of Sarnath is deservedly a tourist attraction in India not to be missed. Sarnath’s claim to fame lies in being the place where Buddha delivered his first sermon after getting enlightenment some 2500 years ago, the event known in the Buddhist tradition as In the Buddhist literature, this event has been narrated as “Dharmachakra Privartan” or the turning of the wheel of Sacred Law. Its reputation as a centre of Buddhist learning spread far and wide attracting monks from across the world. Sarnath has long since been a place for religious pilgrimage. Dating back to around A.D. 500, Dhamekh Stupa at Sarnath has developed into a major tourist attraction in India.

Chunar (40 Km)
Chunar has an immense fort overlooking the Ganga. This place has been the scene of battles since 1540, when Sher Shah took it from Humayun. Akbar recaptured it in 1575. In the mid - 18th century it was appropriated by Awadh and subsequently, the British. The fort has a sun - dial and a huge well, and affords a splendid view of the Ganga.

Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary (70 km)
The forests of Chandraprabha, within which are the Rajdari and Deodari Waterfalls. A beautiful secluded spot for a picnic.

Vindhyachal (75 km)
The famous temple of Vindhyavasini Devi, Ashtabhuja Devi and Kalikhoh are the major attractions.

Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary – (130 km)
Spread over an area of 500 sq. km, the sanctuary has a variety of wildlife. The Mukha waterfall is a tourist attraction. Other excursions include Jaunpur, Allahabad (128 km, see Index) and the Vindham and Chachai falls.

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