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Sights to See

The forest type available in the Vallanadu Black Buck Sanctuary is southern thorn scrub . Notable floral species are Dalbergia multiflora, Dichrostachys cinerea, Acacia latronum, Acacia planifrons, Albizia amara, Zizyphus , Azadirachta indica, Dodonia viscosa, Carissa carandus, Pterolobium indicum and Euphorbia Acalypha fruticosa and Ocimum sanctum.

Apart from Blackbucks, Vallanadu is also home to spotted deer, macaques, Jungle cat, monkeys, wild cat, mongoose, hares, scaly ant eater- pangolin, viper and rat snake. A large species of birds are also found in the forests. Prominent ones are peacock, heron, stork, grey partridges, jungle craws, common quails, pied crested cuckoo, crested-hawk eagle, black-winged kite, curlew, lapwing, nightjar, sparrows and  horned owl.

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