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Malpe (6 km)
At the mouth of the Malpe River is the natural harbour of Malpe, an important fishing centre that enriches Karnataka’s coastline with its fabulous beach. The endless stretch of golden sand, graciously swaying palm trees, clear blue sky and the gentle murmur of the sea, set the perfect mood for an idyllic holiday. Across the bay is the island of Darya Bahadurgarh. Be sure to visit the Balarama Temple and Malpe’s oldest tile factory, set up by the Basel Mission.

Manipal (6 km)
This is a famous university town Manipal and situated on a plateau from where you can have a commanding view of the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. The place is famous for the Venugopal Temple.

Kaup (12 km)

Situated south of Udupi, on the coastal belt, Kaup has a lovely beach, a ruined fort and an old 100ft high lighthouse. The two temples of Goddess Mariamma in Kaup are famous. The Jain Basadis here are in ruins, but are worth a visit.

St Mary’s Island
About 6km from the Malpe coast into the Arabian Sea, one gets to see the palm-fringed St Mary’s Island which bears the cross that Vasco Da Gama placed when he landed here in 1498. The island is 300m long and 100m wide. It is famous for its unique salt rock formations. Due to this geological importance, St Mary’s Island is declared as a National Geological Monument. It is also rated among India’s top 7 Natural Wonders by Jet Wings Magazine (November 2009).

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