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Sights to See

Agartala,the capital of Tripura, is bounded by low-lying hills on three sides and on the other side it opens up to the adjoining plains of Bangladesh. Agartala is arguably one of the most diversely populated cities of India. Tripura has always been a home to various mix of tribes and all these tribal amalgamation has led to an influx of people representing their own clan. Agartala, with its verdant forest cover, near perfect green backdrop, great tourist sites and laid back attitude presents a sight of an ideal tourist destination. The rich and varied tribal culture thriving on the high mountains and vast and alluring green valleys adds its own charm to the attraction of the state.

In Agartala
Maharaja BirBikram College for an exquisite landmark in the history of traditional architecture.

Sukanta Academy a science museum located in the heart of the capital.

Ujjayanta Palace is a two-storied mansion with magnificent tiled floors and well-laid gardens.

Malanchabas was formerly an ordinary bungalow where Rabindranath Tagore stayed during his visit to Tripura in 1919.

BenuvanVihar has some beautiful metal idols of Lord Budha and Bodhisatva.

ChaturdashaDevta Temple in old Agartala was built for the fourteen head images of gods and goddesses called ’ChaturdashaDevta’.

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