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Sights to See

Sri Arunachaleshwara Temple
The temple of Lord Arunachaleswara and his consort Goddess Unnamalai, enshrines Lord Shiva in the form of fire, one of the five elements. Situated at the foot of a range of hills, this impressive temple is the scene of the famous Karthigai Deepam festival in December-January when a huge flame appears on top of the hill and can be seen for miles around. There is evidence of this temple being in existence in the 7th century; it may be even older. There are Five Prakaras and Nine Gopurams making up the complex of this temple. The tallest Gopuram is the Rajagopura, the outer most Gopuram on the eastern side which was built by Krishnadevaraya. In the thousand pillared Mandapa is located the underground shrine of the Pathala Lingeswara where Sri Ramana Maharishi was discovered deep in meditation. The Mandapa in front of the Goddess Unnamalai’s shrine has sculptured reliefs of the Asha Lakshmis on its pillars and also those of other divinities. Lingas dedicated to the other four elements of nature can also be found in the temple complex. Numerous inscriptions dating back to the 10th century are found here. Tel: 04175 2224915

Sri Seshadri Swamigal Ashram
Mahan Sri Seshadri Swamigal lived in the late 20th century. Sri Seshadri Swamigal Ashram is one of the holy places in this town. People from all over the world visit his Ashram. Tel: 04175 224999.

Sri Ramana Ashramam
Tiruvannamalai is widely known for the ashram of Sri Ramana Maharishi, a noted philosopher saint of the country. At an early age of 16, he began questioning his true identity and in this quest he left home and came away to Triuvannamalai. Here he meditated for several years and then founded his ashram on the outskirts of the town. Since then, through his philosophy, he has been able to guide his innumerable followers "through the labyrinth of illusions and wrong concepts" about the personality of the individual, "thereby transcending the thinking mind to enter into the spiritual silence beyond". He left his body in 1950 and, to this day, the ashram attracts thousands of visitors from India and the world over. There is a samadhi for Sri Ramana Maharishi and a good library. Also associated with Ramana Maharshi is the Skanda Ashraman, 3 km from the Ramana Ashram. Contact the Mountain Path Office, Sri Ramana Ashramam, Chengam Road, Tiruvannamalai.

The holy mountain of Arunachala rises up with an elevation of 2,669 feet (800 m).The road encircling the mountain where devotees circumbulate is 8.5 miles or 1.4 km long. On full moon days and festival days (like Karthigai, first day of the Tamil month, Tamil New Year day) hundreds of thousands of devotees circumbulate the mountain and get the blessings of the Lord Arunachala. Though devoid of vegetation, the hill stands in prominence amidst picturesque surroundings and is visible for miles around.

Yogi Ram Surath Kumar Ashram
Yogi Ram Surath Kumar Ashram is a beautiful place situated near the Ramana Ashram. Devotees from all over the world visit Yogi Ram Surath Kumar Ashram. He attained mukti in the year of 2000.Tel: 04175 235984.

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