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Fast Facts

Summer: 38 – 26 C
Winter: 26 – 20 C

October to March


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Tiruvannamalai is a famous pilgrim centre, known for the large Shiva Temple dedicated to Lord Arunachaleswara. This place is associated with the birth of the Linga when, according to mythology, Lord Shiva revealed himself in the form of a huge flame and proved to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma his supremacy in the cosmic world.
The Linga here represents one of the five elements of nature, fire, and hence it is called the Theja (Light) Lingam. Also associated with this place is the legend of Ardhanarishwara: Parvati performed penance to be part of the left half Lord Shiva’s body.
Tiruvannamalai is also associated with Saint Arunagirinathar, the author of Tirupugzha, the 15the century anthology of Tamil devotional songs, and Sri Ramana Maharishi, the saint philosopher who once lived here.
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