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Fast Facts

Temperature :
Summer: 43-22C
Winter: 32-13 C

Throughout the year

Light cotton during summer and light woolen in winter.

Languages Spoken:
Telugu, Tamil and English

STD Code:

Tourism Office:
India Tourism-Hyderabad,
Ministry of Tourism,
Govt. of India,
Ground Floor,
Balayogi Paryatak Bhavan, # 6-3-870,
Begum pet,
Ph.No: 040 – 2340 9199 (Information Counter),
Fax:040 - 23409299

Travel to Tirupati and you will be confronted by a symbol of Hindu India in the spiritually important Lord Sri Venkateswara temple situated on one of the seven peaks of Tirumala Hills adjoining it. This busiest and richest temple in India draws thousands of pilgrims every day.
A Dravidian-style shrine of great antiquity, it was patronized by all the major powers of south India including Pallavas, Pandyas, Cholas, and Vijayanagar. The magnificent structure features diamond-decorated 2 m black stone idol of Lord Venkateswara, living form of Vishnu. In fact, the journey to Tirupati situated in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh is a pilgrimage that every Hindu cherishes to make.

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