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Fast Facts

Summer: 43.8 C
Winter: 21.6 C

Through out the year


Language spoken:
Tamil & English

STD Code:

Tourism Office:
Government of Tamil Nadu Tourist Office,
Tirunelveli Railway Junction,
Tirunelveli- 6257 002,
Tel: 0462 2500104
Tirunelveli is believed to be an ancient city, over 2,000 years old; archaeological excavations close by unearthed an urn, with some rudimentary Tamil Brahmi script inscribed on it, which could date back to 500 BC. Next to Madurai, it was it was one of the most prominent cities of the Pandya kingdom as it served as their capital for sometime.
Situated on the banks of the river Thamiraparani, it is a twin town -- Tirunelveli and Palayamkottai – locate on either banks of the river.
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