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Periyakulam (16 km): Periyakulam is an important town in Theni district. Mango is the largest harvest here, considered second only to Salem, and is exported to foreign countries.

Vaigai Dam (14 km): Built across the Majestic River Vaigai near Andipatti, the dam with a height of 111 feet can store 71 feet of water. This dam was opened on January 21, 1959 and is unique for the sylvan gardens around it. The garden deserves the surname "Little Brindavan". It is a popular picnic spot, particularly for school children.

Kuchanur (25 km): Saturn or Saneeswarar is the main deity worshiped in Kuchanur. In this temple Lord Sani is present in splendid isolation bereft of the other planets. Here he is known as Kuchanooran.

Vellimalai (65 km): A densely forested place replete with natural flora and fauna is located in the Varushanadu hill ranges.

Cloud Land Falls (Chinna Suruli) (54 km): These falls originate in the Meghamalai and are popularly known as Chinna Suruli.


Palani: This is one of the most famous pilgrim centres of the south. The temple is situated on a hilltop and is one of the six abodes of Lord Subramanya. The presiding deity here is called Dandayuthapani and the idol is made of medicinal herbs. There is an electrically operated winch from the foot to the top of the hill for those pilgrims who prefer not to use the steps.


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