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Fast Facts

Summer: 39.5 - 25.8 C

Through out the year


Language spoken:
Tamil, English

STD Code:

Tourism Office:
Centre: Hotel Tamil Nadu Complex,
West Veli Street,
Tel: 0452 2334757
Resounding cascades, silver-lined clouds resting atop green hilltops, sheer rock faces and temples of antiquity are the stuff that distinguishes Theni.
It warms the soul and provides much-needed balm to the mind. The rustic ambience, hospitality of the local populace and their pastoral way of life make the destination tourists' dream. Theni district is surrounded by the Western Ghats, with it ubiquitous green stretches of cultivated lands and tea gardens.
Silk cotton, soft towels, coffee seeds, cardamom and mango are the produce of the district. Theni is on the main route for the tourist bound from Madurai to Kochi via Bodinayakanur, and Munnar and Madurai to Thekkadi Wildlife Sanctuary.
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