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Fast Fact

Summer: 35-29 C
Winter: 29-17 C

Best Season:
October to March

Tropical in summer and woollen in winter

Languages spoken:
Oriya, Bengali, Hindi, English.

STD Code:

Tourism Office:
Government of Odisha Tourist Office,
Hill Patna,
In front of NCC Canteen,
Tel: 0680-2222980, 2210980
Nestled in a forest setting in the Eastern Ghats, Taptapani is a spa village located in the district of Ganjam in Odisha. Renowned for its hot spring, the place is high on the list of attractions in the state. The water of the hot spring very high in sulphur contents is channelised to a pool for a refreshing bath and is believed to provide cure for the chronic ailments.
Near the pool is small temple dedicated to Goddess Kandhuni who is believed to cure infertility. In the vicinity there lies a small deer park that is an added attraction for the tourists.
Other added attractions are the serenity of nature with wonderful sights of sun rise, sun set, moon lit nights, tribal dance and music, bird song and sight of wild animals.
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