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Sights to See

A famous landmark of Surat, this castle was built by Sultan Mahmud III of the Gujarat Sultanate in 1946 to protect the city against the raids of the Portuguese. The most important historical monument in the city, it provides a wonderful view of the city and Tapti River, built in 1546 for the protection of the city

Dutch Cemetery
Situated near the Kataragam Gate, the cemetery houses some of the most imposing mausoleums. Prominent among them is that of Baron Adrian Van Reede characterised by a massive dome and beautiful pillars. The large gallery is very impressive.

Rang Upavan
Located in the western part of Gandhi Baug, Rang Upavan is an open air theatre.

Sardar Patel Museum
Also known as the Sardar Sangralaya, the museum was started in 1890 for the display of maps and other educational aids. The museum is a repository of the rich history and eclectic ethnic mix of Surat and houses more than 10,000 specimens of arts and crafts. Timings: 10 am-6.30 pm Tuesday to Sunday.

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