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Dumas (16 km): South east of Surat, Dumas with clear blue water is favourite beach spot locally.

Hajira (29 km): To the south-west of Surat, Hajira is a very popular vacation spot in Gujarat. Located on the creek of the Arabian Sea, this village has two wells with water rich in iron and sulphur. One of the undisputed highlights of the state, Hajira port is one of the most famous ports in India.

Bardoli (34 km):
Bardoli entered the records of the history books when Bardoli Satyagraha, a farmer’s movement named after this place, was started in 1921-22 by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Iron Man of India and great freedom fighter. The Swaraj Ashram located here draws a large number of visitors. 

Ubharat (42 km): One of the most popular excursions from Surat, Ubharat beach is dominated by white sand and soothing ambiance with a backdrop of shady palm groves. Ubharat Beach is full of opportunities for exploring the water or just plain relaxing. It is perfect for swimming also.

Vedchhi (62 km): The place is known for an ashram run on Gandhian lines, engaged in constructive activities.

Unai (84 km):
Situated in the precincts of the Amba Mata temple, this well-developed lake-side resort is famous for hot springs drawing hordes of visitors.

The Vansada National Park (90 km): A premier wildlife destination in the Valsad district The Vansada National Park occupies an area of 7 km. Located 40 km away from Billimora, the park is the habitat of wild animals such as leopards, tigers, panthers and wild boars.

Ukai (94 km): A day in the scenic surroundings of Ukai Dam will be good for the mind and fabulous for the spirit. A major multipurpose irrigation project of Gujarat, the dam is located in the midst of a picturesque tribal area and is a famous travel attraction in Gujarat.

Tithal (108 km):
Located in Valsad district, it is a beautiful sandy beach with tall, shady palms along the entire beach.

Udvada (112 km):
A scared destination for the Parsis, the place is home to the fire temple. The fire was originally brought by the Parsis from Persia, when they first came to the country.

Sanjan (145 km):
The port is famous as the place where the Parsis first landed and settled after fleeing from Iran.

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