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Getting There

How would you like to travel?

Nearest airport is Kolkata that is connected by flights from major cities of India.

Sundarbans is accessible only by riverine waterways. From Calcutta there are suburban trains to Canning.

From Canning buses ply to Namkhana, Raidighi, Sonakhali and Najat from where motor launch services are available for Sundarbans. These embarkation points are also connected to Kolkata by good motorable roads.

Approximate time taken between various points is:
  1. From Namkhana
    • Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project (2.5 hours)
    • Sagar Island (2.5 hours)
    • Jambudwip (3.5 hours)
  2. From Sajnekhali
    • Sudhanyakhali (40 minutes)
    • Buridabri (Tiger Project Area) (5 hours)
    • Netidhopari (3.5 hours)
    • Holiday Island (3 hours)
  3. From Sonakhali -Gosaba (1 hour)
  4. From Raidighi - Kalas (5 hours)

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