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Where to Stay

At Sunabeda
Forest Rest Housesand Circuit Houses,
Inspection Bungalows of different Departments
of the state government are available
in nearby places such as Nuapada,
Khariar and Khariar road.
Forest Rest House
Sunabeda, Tel: 223372
For booking, contact DFO,
Wildlife Division, Nuapada,
Tel: 06678 223372
At Khariar Road
Hotel Kohinoor
Khariar Road,
Tel: 22492, 221464
Hotel Sapna
Khariar Road,
Tel: 222492
Chetan Lodge
Khariar Road,
Tel: 222123
Sarbajanik Dharamsala
Khariar Road
Dadaji Dharamsala
Khariar Road
At Nuapada:
Hotel Jogeswari
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