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Fast Fact

Core area:
243.60 sq km

Buffer area:
356.40 sq km

Best Season:
August to March

Air temperature:
12 C to 40 C

Annual rainfall:
Varies from 1,100 to 1,500 mmC


Tourism Office:
Government of Odisha Tourist Office,
Koraput Club Koraput-764020,
Tel. 06852 250318;
IndiaTourism Bhubaneswar Paryatan Bhawan,
2nd Floor, Lewis Road,
Tel/fax: 0674 2432203,
E-mail :,
Located in the newly created Nuapada district, close to the boundary of Chhattisgarh state on the western fringe of Odisha, this sanctuary comprises 600 sq km of dry deciduous forests in the Patadhara, Gatibeda, Munigarh, Ranimai, Patidonger and Lodra forest blocks. Eleven beautiful waterfalls on seasonal streams dot the sanctuary. Besides being an excellent habitat for endangered flora and fauna, its other attractions include the Maraguda valley, Jumla fort with traces of ancient civilisation and Jonk River.
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