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Chorwad (25 km):
A quiet and charming sea resort along the Arabian Sea, the place is home to the summer palace of the former Nawab of Junagadh. The palace has been converted into a hotel.

Sasan Gir (48 km):
Located within Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, Sasan Gir is the sole entrancing preserve for the Asiatic lion. Currently their population stands at more than 400. Though the undisputed highlight of the Sasan Gir is obviously the Asiatic lion, the park is home to 38 species of

mammals, 37 species of reptiles, and more than 300  species of birds.

Ahmedpur Mandvi (79 km):
One of the finest beaches in the country, Ahmedpur Mandvi is a gem of Gujarat. It is a magnet for people fond of water sports, with facilities of water skis and scooters, speedboats, water toboggans, etc. Delwada is the nearest railhead.

Diu (82 km):

The Union Territory of Diu was one of the oldest bastions of Portuguese power.  It lies just across Ahmedpur Mandvi and is connected to it by a bridge.

Tulsi Shyam (109 km):
Located in the heart of the Gir forests Tulsi Shyam is a scenic spot famous for hot springs. The place also attracts devotes for its temple dedicated to the Pandava Bhim and his mother Kunti.

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