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Khiching (145 km):
It is a sacred place for three religions. Buddhism, Jainism and Brahminism flourished side by side. Places of interest are Khichakeshwari Temple and a small museum.

Panchalingeswar (85 km):
Situated on a hillock Panchalingeswar is a tranquil place with its captivating beauty in the lap of nature. The place derives its name from the five lingas (Phallus) enshrined on a hill top. A place of pilgrimage, it also offers a heavenly pleasure in the spectacular beauty of the Devgiri mountain range. A perennial spring is the added attraction here. A trekking route is also there from Panchalingeswar to Kuldiha jungle.

Remuna (60 km):

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The place is famous for Khirachora Gopinath Temple. This 19th century Vaishnava shrine is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The place was visited by Sri Chaitanya.

Deokund (65 km)
Deokund has a series of waterfalls and a Shakti shrine situated in the outer periphery of Similipal.

Haripur (16 km):

To the south-east of Baripada and connected by regular bus-services, this former capital of Mayurbhanj state was founded by Maharaja Harihar Bhanja in the year 1400 AD. Temples of Rasikaraya, Radhamohan, Jagannath and Ranihansapura ruins are the places to visit.

Located 8 km north of Baripada on NH5, the place is connected by private bus-services from Balasore, Baripada, Kolkata, Tatanagar. The excavated pre-historic site of Kuchai is known for yielding Neolithic possessions of man.

It is rich with Paleolithic artifices.

Chandipur (60 km)

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