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Fast Fact

Summer: 40-20 C
Winter: 20-4.4 C

Best Season:
November to 15 June

Woollen in winter

Languages spoken:
Oriya, Hindi, English

STD Code:
06792 (Baripada)

Tourism Office:
Government of Odisha Tourist Office,
Baghra Road,
Baripada- 757 001.
District: Mayurbhanj,
Tele: 06792- 252710.
Occupying an area of 2,700 square km in the Mayurbhanj district, Similipal National Park is wild and beautiful. Once the personal hunting grounds of the Mayurbhanj maharajas, the park is now a Project Tiger reserve -- India’s homegrown initiative to protect the tigers’ dwindling numbers.
Other than tigers, this wild life sanctuary is also the abode of wild animals like leopards, elephants and rare reptile like mugger crocodiles. Thanks to its varied terrain and abundance of water bodies in the form of hills, waterfalls and rivers, the avian population in the park is also rich.
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