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Sights to See

Christ Church & St. Michael's Cathedral
One of the most famous landmarks of Shimla, St Michael's Cathedral was built as the Cathedral of St Michael and St Joseph in 1885. Christ Church is the second oldest church in North India. The imposing structure is situated just off the Mall.

Himachal State Museum
About 2.5km west of Scandal Point, the Himachal State Museum & Library houses an impressive collection of temple carvings, historical sculptors, weaponry, Mughal and Rajasthani miniature paintings, coins, jewellery and photos relating to the history of the region. The museum remains closed on Mondays and public holidays.

Viceregal Lodge
Built as an official residence for the British viceroys, the Viceregal Lodge is a major landmark of Shimla and fine specimen of colonial architecture. After independence it became the retreat of the President of India. Today Viceregal Lodge houses the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, an educational institute of international repute.

Jakhoo Hill

Located at an altitude of 2,445m, Jakhoo Hill, Shimla's highest point, is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Shimla. From the peak of the hill, one can have a panoramic view of the Shimla town and its surroundings. The landscape all around is a feast to one’s eyes. At the top is an old Hanuman temple.

The Mall
The Mall, the main promenade in the city retains the ambience that captivated the British who retreated here to escape the heat of the crowded plains. Located on the southern slopes of the Ridge and dotted with old colonial buildings, it is a place where you can enjoy leisurely walks, browsing the shops or stopping for a cup of tea in the restaurants. At the top end of the Mall is Scandal Point, a large open square with a view of the town - a favourite rendezvous for visitors and the local people. Overlooking it is the elegant Christ Church with its fine stained glass windows. The labyrinth of Shimla's bazaars spill over the edge of the Mall.

Lakkar Bazaar
Adjoining the Ridge, Lakkar Bazaar is a marketplace where wooden toys can be bought.

Chadwick Falls
7 km away from Shimla, the inviting spot of Chadwick Falls is a premier travel destination. A trip to the Chadwick Falls during the monsoons will be an unforgettable experience. Located in an incredible landscape, the place is home to some old shrines that are sites of immense significance for pilgrims.

Sankat Mochan
Located on the Shimla - Kalka road the famous "Lord Hanuman" temple is visited by a large number of devotees. It commands an excellent view of Shimla town.

Summer Hill
Located on the Shimla - Kalka railway line, the quiet and beautiful suburb of Summer Hill has secluded, shady walks and charming views. It was here that Gandhiji stayed on his visits to Shimla, in the elegant Gergorian mansion that belonged to Rajkumari Amrit Kaur.

Prospect Hill and Kamna Devi Temple
A 15 minute climb from Boileauganj, Prospect Hill is another favorite walk and vantage point with breath-taking views. There is little temple to Kamna Devi on the top of the hill.

Tara Devi Temple
Situated on Tara Parvat, the shrine of Tara Devi is about 15 kilometres from Shimla. The temple commands a majestic view of the surroundings comprising of the forested hills around.

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