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Sights to See

This quiet place was chosen by Rabindranath as a suitable location for study. Since then the ViswaBharatiUniversity has gained a steady reputation for excellence in teaching and learning. The Uttarayana complex, where the poet lived, consists of several buildings such as Udayana. Konark, Shyamali, Punascha, &Udichi are the other buildings on the campus. In addition to these, there are Kala Bhavan (College of Fine Arts & Crafts), SangitBhavan (College of Music & Dance), VidyaBhavan (College of Humanities), Siksha-Bhavan (College of Science) and VinayaBhavan (Teacher's Training College), CheenaBhavan and Hindi Bhavan.

One of the important travel attartcion in ShantiniketanChhatimtala Is the place where MaharshiDevendranath, father of Rabindranath Tagore, used to meditate. Prayers are held usually at Convocation time. Successful graduates of the VishwaBharati University are presented a branch of five leaves each from the Saptaparni trees which abound in the area.

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