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Sights to See

Ganesh Temple
Ganesha Temple is major attraction of the Sawai Madhopur. In the month of September, when the Park is closed for safari, Ranthambhore forest echoes with the devotional chants dedicated to Lord Ganesh. Thousands of devotees visit the Ganesh Chaturthi Fair at the temple situated in the Fort. You can also visit the Chauth Mata temple in Chanth ka Barwara village (35km) and see the colourful fair organized to worship the goddess.

Ranthambor Fort
If you wish to club history with wildlife, Ranthambor national Park is the place to be. At the centre of the fort is located the 10th-century

Ranthambor Fort,
which adds to the charm of the park. This historical for speaks volumes for the glory and valour of the brave Chauhan ruler Hammir dev.

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