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Mansarovar Lake (25 km)
A haven for avian population, this lake attracts thousands of migrating bird during winter. Bird watchers flock here in large number. Tourists can also enjoy boating in this lake.

Siwad (40 km)
The place is famous for a Shiva temple where an annual fair is held on Shiv Ratri attracting thousands of devotees.

Bhoori Pahadi Sandunes (45 km)
The place is famous for sand dunes. Walking on the sand dunes as the sun sets will be a memorable affair.

Khandar Fort (45 km)
One of the most impregnable forts of Rajasthan, the structure houses seven temples and tow huge water tanks of Ramkunda and Laxmankunda.

Sunheri Kothi, Tonk (80 km)
A wonderful hall within the palace complex in Tonk was built by the Nawab of Tonk for cultural activities.

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