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Sights to See

Crocodile Rearing Centre
One of its kind in India, this centre is entrusted with the task of implementing the programme of stocking the crocodile population in wild. Under the implementation programme breeding of the crocodiles is monitored and hatchlings are reared. When they reach the age of four they are released into the wilds.

Orientation Centre
Located in Sasan, within the guest house campus, the centre with the help of photographic and pictorial displays, illustrated boards, clay models etc. provides the basic factual and scientific information about Gir and its wildlife.


This is an artificial reservoir harbouring a large population of crocodiles.

Interpretation Park at Devalia
Occupying an area of 4 sq km in the Gir forest, the park represents a cross section of wildlife and gives a general idea about Gir and the behaviour of animals in their natural habitat.

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