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Fast Fact

Temperature :
Summer: 43-33 C
Winter: 15 -07 C

Season :
The sanctuary is open to visitors from 16 October to 15 June and remains closed during the monsoons.

Clothing :
Cotton during summer and woollen in winter

Languages spoken :
Gujarati, Hindi and English

STD Code :

Tourism Office :
Deputy Conservator of Forests,
Wildlife Division,
Tel: 02877 285540 – 41;

1st Flr. Khetan Bhavan,
J.Tata Road,
Tel:022 22024925.
Fax: 22883541.

1st floor, Khetan Bhavan,
196, J. Tata Road,
Tel: 022 22024925.
Fax: 22883541.
altLocated in the state of Gujarat, Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Sasangir, is an entrancing preserve for the Asiatic Lions. The proclamation of the Gir forest as protected in 1990s by the rulers of the princely state of Junagarh saved them from extinction, and currently their population stands at 411.

The seven rivers of the forest create a landscape filled with evergreen vegetation along the riversides, dry deciduous and tropical thorn forests. Though the undisputed highlight of the Sasangir is obviously the Asiatic Lions, the park is home to 38 species of mammals, 37 species of reptiles and more than 300 species of birds.
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