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Siliserh (15 km)
A beautiful lake set quietly against wooded hills, the place is also famous for enchanting Palace. This resort overlooking the lake is converted into a hotel. A motor launch is available for cruising on the lake.

Deeg (76 km)
The place is famous for its fort and palaces laid out amidst lovely gardens, tanks and fountains

Bairath (66 km)
People come here to visit the minor-rock edict of Emperor Ashok.

Rajorgarh (64 km)

The ruins of the 7th - 10th centuries AD Kingdom of Gorjara - Pratiharas lie in this deserted valley. Talvvaksha and a Nilkanth Mahadev Shrine are other important sites worth a visit.

Jaisamand Lake (6 km)
A beautiful picnic spot with ornamental pavilions it is a popular excursion from Sariska.

Vijay Mandir Palace (10 km)

Over-looking a picturesque lake it was built by Maharaja Jain Singh.

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