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Fast Fact

Temperature :
Summer: 32-27 C
Winter: 16-10 C

Season :
Throughout the year

Clothing :
Cotton during summer and heavy woollen clothes in winter

Languages spoken :
Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, English

STD Code :

Tourism Office :
Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd. (TCGL),
Toran Hill Resort,

TCGL, 1stfloor,
Khetan Bhavan,
196, J. Tata Road,
Tel: 022 22024925.
Fax: 22883541.

Nestled at an elevation of 873 m among the verdant hills of the Sahyadri range, Saputara is Gujarat’s premier hill station, a beguiling amalgam of beautiful hotels, parks, swimming pool, boat club, theatres and a museum.
A place to head to escape the sweltering heat of the coastal plains due to cool climate, Saputara is home to an awe-inspiring landscape that is a feast for one’s eyes. You can explore the wildlife sanctuary in the Mahal Bardipura forest and visit Gira Waterfalls that are 60 km and 52 km away from this picturesque hill station in the Dang district of South Gujarat.

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