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Sights to See

Pataneswari Temple
Built by Balaram Dev, the first Chauhan ruler of Sambalpur during the 16th century, the Pataneswari Temple is a place of intense religious activity. A magnificent structure the shrine is dedicated to Goddess Pataneswari, an incarnation of Goddess Kali.

Samaleswari Temple
Sambalpur derives its name from its presiding deity Samaleswari enshrined in this temple, also known as Samalai Gudi. Located on the banks of the Mahanadi River, the temple was built by the Chauhans in the 16th century, and it attracts large number of devotees. A grand fair is held here in the month of Ashwin and Chaitra.

Budha Raja Temple
Perched on the top of Budharaja Hill, Budha Raja temple in Sambalpur is another famous shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Bara Jagannath temple, Ananta Sayana Temple as well as Brahmapura and Gopaljee monasteries are other places of interest in Sambalpur.

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