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Fast Fact

Summer: 48.2C-24.2 C
Winter: 28.5C -3.0 C

Best Season:
October to April

Light cotton in summer and woollen in winter

Languages spoken:
Oriya, Hindi, English and tribal dialects

STD Code:

Tourism Office:
Government of Odisha Tourist Office,
Sambalpur Panthanivas,
Tel: 0663 2411118;

Indiatourism Bhubaneswar Paryatan Bhawan 2nd Floor,
Lewis Road,
Tel/Fax. 0674-2432203, 2435487,

Sambalpur comes with a reputation as a unique land packed with historical structures, exotic wildlife, natural splendour in the forms of green forests, undulating hills, waterfalls, and a rich tribal life. Referred to as Sambalaka, a diamond trading centre in 2nd century AD, in Ptolemy’s text, the area is associated with the 8th century celebrated ruler Indrabhuti, the teacher-founder of the Vajrayan sect of Buddhism.
A district headquarter town and an important commercial centre, Sambalpur is famous for its textiles, particularly its tie-and-dye Ikat work, also popular as Smabalpuri. The folk dance Karama, especially on the festive occasion of Bhardrav Ekadashi (August/September), is entertaining and a special attraction for the visitors.
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