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Fast Fact

Summer: 30-16C
Winter: 25- 13 C

Best Season :
Throughout the year

Clothing :
Cotton in summer and cotton with light woollen in winter

Languages spoken :
Tamil, English

STD Code:

Tourist Office:
Salem, the headquarters of the district of the same name, is the fifth largest city in Tamil Nadu and one of the all-time favourite spots in the state. A famous industrial place with a natural setting, the city is surrounded by hills on all sides. Separated by Thirumanimuthar River into two halves, the city is home to fort drawing those fascinated by history.

With an array of attractions, it is the most convenient base for visiting other interesting places in the district. About 28 km from Salem is the hill station of Yercaud attracting lots of visitors. Today Salem is a hub of commercial activity for its textile, steel, automotive and poultry industries.
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