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Sights to See

Indira Gandhi Park
One of the most sought after tourist destination of Rourkela, the Indira Gandhi Park with the rose garden, zoo, artificial lake, doll museum and observation tower adds to the charm of the Steel City of Odisha. Biju Pattnaik musical fountain located in the park is a feast for the eyes.

The park covers an area of 28 acres and offers the visitors to spend their leisure time with family and friends

Vaishno Devi Temple
Situated on the hill top of Durga hill, the temple has a 630 stair climb. The temple is thronged by the spiritual seekers in large numbers.

Hanuman Vatika
It is a cluster of various temples and famous for Asia’s tallest Hanuman Idol measuring 22 metres.

Other Point of Attractions in the City

Other attractions in the city of Rourkela are Picnic Park at sector-20, Shree Jagannath Temple at sector-3, Industrial Museum Jubilee Park and Green Park, Deer Park at sector-8, Nehru Traffic Park. The confluence of the rivers Sankha and Koel takes place is a place of religious sanctity.A dip in the confluence is believed to wash away all sins. Tradition has it that the reputed sage Vedvyas lived here and composed the great epic Mahabharata. A Vedic Ashram and a school on the lines of gurukula ashram are added attractions of the place.

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