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Mandira Dam (32 km):
This is one of the most popular excursions from Rourkela. Built across the river Sankha for supply of water to Rourkela and other places in the vicinity, the Mandira Dam is visited for its beautiful artificial lake that captivates picnickers in a large number. Boating facilities are available here.

Khandadhar Waterfall (140 km):
The inviting spot where a perennial rivulet called Korapani Nala cascades down from a height of 244 feet resulting in the creation of a glittering waterfall is a premier travel destination. Nestled among thick jungles, a trip to this lovely waterfall will be an unforgettable experience.

Ushakothi (154 km):
The rock-cut caves here contain some pictographic writings which is yet to be deciphered. The pre-historic painting in red ochre illustrating hunting and other scenes are also found at this place. Bus service is available to Dumabahal from Sundargarh and the balance is approachable by foot.

Darjeeing & Deodarha (50 km):
Located on NH 23, Darjeeing is a scenic place on the banks of ;river Brahmani ideal for holidaymakers. 2 km away approachable on foot is Deodarha, a gorge on the river.

Rani Sati Temple (20 km):

Situated in Biramitrapur, this beautifully designed temple is also called Jhun Jhun Dham of Odisha.

Ghogar Baba (27 km): Located in the lap of nature, Ghogar is famous for a beautiful shrine of Shiva temple. The temple attracts pilgrims who come here to have peace of mind amidst the wild beauty of the landscape that includes a gurgling stream nearby. The place gets crowded on the occasion of Mahasivaratri. 7 km away is Rajgangpur and visitors can stay in the PWD inspection bungalow at Rajgangpur.

Tensa (110 km):
Fondly called Darjeeling of Odisha, Tensa is a serene and peaceful place. The serpentine Ghat Roads unguarded by sky-kissing trees is a feast for the eyes. The hill top view of the unspoilt country-side is captivating

Junagarh (173 km):
If you are a history or archaeology enthusiast, this place is of utmost importance to you. This fort is dotted with some ancient caves with signs of tantric worship.

Mirigkhoj (111 km):

Located on Keonjhar route via- Kalta, Mirigkhoj is a small but exciting waterfall, ideal for group picnickers. Regular bus services are available up to Kalta. The balance 2 km is approachable by foot. There is a P.W.D. IB at Koira which is about 10 km from Kalta. The reservation authority is Executive Engineer, P.W.D. Rourkela.

Pitamahal Dam (16 km):
A day in the scenic surroundings of Pitamahal Dam will be good for the mind and fabulous for the spirit. Ideal for outing and water sports, the dam is a famous travel attraction. Regular bus service is available up to Balanda. The balance 1 km is approachable by foot. An irrigation inspection bungalow is here to stay on prior reservation. Asst. Engineer (Irrigation) Pitamahal Dam, Kalunga is the reservation authority.

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