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Chatikona (48 km):
Surrounded by a series of valleys and wooded hills, this is a centre of pilgrimage for its Mahadev temple. It offers picnickers gorgeous view of the waterfall called “God Gada Waterfall”. The place attracts a huge gathering of devotees on Shivaratri.

Padmapur (70 km):
Famous for the shrine of Manikeswari Siva and the seat of famous Buddhist philosopher Dharmakriti.

Devagiri (50 km):
Devagiri Hills rising to a height of 120 m,; is topped by a flat platform of rectangular plain which can be approached from northern side. The 476 steps of Devagiri is a unique feature. The perennial pools called Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Bhargavi and Indradyumna are at the tip of the hill top. There is a cave looking like low jaws. The Shiva lingam is enshrined at the meeting point of the jaws. The Shivaratri is the biggest festival of Devagiri.

Minajhola (110 km):
Situated in the heart of dense forest and rich in wildlife is well known for the Shiva temple located at the confluence of three rivers. Shivaratri is the popular festival of Minajhola.

This scenic spot holds a weekly market in front of Bisamkatak Railway Station which attracts thousands of foreign tourists on Wednesday for purchasing of Donoria Kondha ornamental and other handicraft products.

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