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Fast Fact

Max: 45.6 C
Min: 11.6 C

Season :
October- February

Clothing :
Light cotton in summer & heavy woollen in winter

Languages spoken :
Oriya, Telugu, Hindi, English & Tribal dialects

STD Code:

Tourism Office:
Government of Odisha Tourist Office,
Koraput Club Koraput-764020,
Tel. 06852 250318;

IndiaTourism Bhubaneswar Paryatan Bhawan,
2nd Floor,
Lewis Road,
Tel/fax: 0674 2432203, 2435487,
E-mail :,
About 95 km north of Jeypore, Rayagada, the headquarters town of the district, is a land of green forests, beautiful meadows, stunning waterfalls, terraced valleys, rich tribal life and culture.
It is also an industrial town with a large scale ferro-manganese factory, a sugar and a paper mill.
The town is famous for a temple dedicated to Majhighariani. The place casts a spell on the visitors and is starting point for other important places of interest of the district. Besides, on the immediate outskirts of the township, the visitor encounters colourful indigenous tribal people in their natural habitat.
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